JDT CONSULTANTS, INC. has been offering in-home behavioral services across California for 15 years. Our friendly and highly skilled team is very helpful in teaching children to manage their behaviors while assisting their caregivers in parenting them. We serve children/young adults from ages 4-21.

We go the extra mile and work closely with the children's parents, clinician, and entire treatment team in order to ensure success. We strongly believe that when children are provided with effective skills and support, they can be successful in the home, school, and community.

Home-based Therapeutic Behavioral Services

TBS is an intensive, individualized, and one-to-one behavioral mental health service available to children/youth. This service is for those who are experiencing significant emotional or behavioral challenges. TBS is designed to help kids and their parents or caregivers manage behaviors that are identified as problematic.

We provide TBS in family homes, foster homes, group homes, schools, after-school programs, recreational facilities, and many other places. At JDT, we strive to assist both the youth and caregivers in learning new skills to not only correct problematic behaviors, but also to strengthen family relationships.